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kritik an texten der dresden dolls

vor einigen wochen saß ich mit einem freund zusammen und habe mal wieder dresden dolls gehört. und weil er ein mixtape inklusive textbooklet machen wollte, haben wir die lyrics gesucht und waren ziemlich … äh … irritiert. dieser text ist doch total transphob! das lyrische ich spricht der trans*person total die fähigkeit zu eigenen entscheidungen ab und stellt sie in frage und vor allem stellt der text transition als negativ und niemals endend dar. so lasen wir das jedenfalls (wir bezeichnen uns beide als trans*, nur so am rande. ich spreche trotzdem ausschließlich für unsere lesart):

sex changes

dear mr. and/or mrs. sender-

we’re pleased to inform you that your applications been accepted

starting from the time you get this letter

your life will be one never-ending

“hope you’re feeling better”
you get your choice of an aesthetic

we’ll need to chop your clock off (tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock)

it might not be what you expected

there is no money back once you’ve been ripped off

today’s a very special day

the boys’ll murder for it but what will the neighbors say

it leaves you feeling pretty hollow

it might be nice to look at

don’t forget you’re stuck with it tomorrow (and tomorrow, and tomorrow….)

you’re big enough to stop pretending

you’ll start to really show within a week or so

so don’t go saying it’s just come to your attention

you’ll get more than you’re asking for without the right protection

today’s a very special day

and how you’d love to have a little thing with which to play

but love wont get you very far

today be still your beating heart

you’ll have to keep on feeding it tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

boys will be boys will be boys will be boys will be boys will be boys will be girls with no warning

girls will be girls will be guys will be boys that don’t cry over toys that they use to beat girls they despise by the morning

they always said that sex would change you…

no second thoughts the knife is nearing

you’ll never hear the little pitter patter pitter patter

of this little feat of engineering

of course i love you and of course it’s what’s inside that matters

but i think the whole charade is ending

it seems to me to be the only way to keep from getting

caught up in a long life of regretting

the doctors said that once you get a taste for it you’ll keep on cutting

but while you happen to be here

why don’t you whisper all those sweet forevers in my ear

stiff upper lip for all this sorrow

hurry up and stick it in

you never when it will end

tomorrow or tomorrow or tomorrow…


und folgender text vergleicht schiedung/trennung mit kolonialismus und erinnert an die aufteilung afrikas. außerdem lese ich gewaltandrohungen besonders in den letzten drei absätzen:


you can have washington i’ll take new jersey

you can have london but i want new york city

i should get providence i’ve got a job now

los angeles – obvious – that’s where you belong now

you can have africa asia australia

as long as you keep your hands off cafe pamplona

we can split germany right down the middle

you’d hate it there anyway

take berlin and well call it even

you can take all of the carry-on baggage

i’ll trade the saskia jokes for the alphabet language

and if we find out that we have any children

we’ll trade them off summers and alternating weekends

you call it over and i call you psycho

significant other?

just say we were lovers and we’ll call it even

we’ll call it even

i am the ground zero ex-friend you ordered

disgused as a hero to get past your borders

i know when i’m wanted i’ll leave when you ask me to

mind my own business and speak when i’m spoken to

i am the tower around which you orbited

i am not proud i am just taking orders

i fall to the groud within moments of impact

i hit back if hit

and attack if attacked

you get route 2 between concord and lexington

i want mass ave from the sqaure to my apartment

and if we should meet through some misunderstanding

i’ll be very sweet very patient and forgiving

(now get off my side of the state)

and if we should meet one another in passing

despite these techniques there is sometimes no avoiding

(there must be some kind of mistake)

we’ll raise high our white flags and say hi and shake hands

declaring the land we’re on unamerican

we’ll call it even

i am the tower around which you orbited

i am not proud i am just taking orders

i fall to the groud within moments of impact

i hit back if hit

and attack if attacked

i am an accident waiting to happen

i’m laughing like mad while you strangle the captain

my place may be taken, but make no mistake

from a little black black box i can say without shame

that you’ve lost

do you know what you’ve lost?

so take whatever you’d like

i’ll strike like the States on fire

you won’t sleep very tight

no hiding

no safe covers

make your bed and now lie

just like you always do

you can fake it for the papers but i’m on to you….


beim nächsten songtext wird mir schlecht, weil der mythos von einem minderjährigen mädchen, dass einen älteren, “reifen” mann verführt, sexistischer mist ist:

missed me

missed me missed me now you’ve got to kiss me

if you kiss me mister i might tell my sister

if i tell her mister she might tell my mother and my

mother, mister, just might tell my father and my father

mister he won’t be too happy and he’ll have his lawyer

come up from the city and arrest you mister

so i wouldnt miss me if you get me, mister, see?

missed me missed me now you’ve got to kiss me

if you kiss me mister you must think im pretty

if you think so mister you must want to fuck me

if you fuck me mister it must mean you love me

if you love me mister you would never leave me

it’s as simple as can be!

missed me missed me now you’ve got to kiss me

if you miss me mister why do you keep leaving

if you trick me mister i will make you suffer

and they’ll get you mister put you in the slammer and forget

you mister then i think you’ll miss me won’t you miss me

won’t you miss me

missed me missed me now you’ve got to kiss me

if you kiss me mister take responsibility

i’m fragile mister just like any girl would be

and so misunderstood (so treat me delicately!)

missed me missed me now you’ve gone and done it

hope you’re happy in the county penitentiary

it serves you right for kissing little girls but i will visit if you miss me

do you miss me? MISS ME??

how’s the food they feed you??

do you miss me

will you kiss me through the window?

do you MISS ME? MISS ME??!!

will they ever let you go???

i miss my mister so!!!!


und hier ein vollkommen unsolidarischer text zum thema gewalt in beziehungen, der zudem der betroffenen person eine “eigene schuld” zuschreibt, da sie ja immer wieder zu dem typen zurück kehrt:


there’s no end to the love you can give

when you change your point of view to underfoot

very good

you may be flat but you’re breathing

and there’s no doubt he’s at home in his room

probably watching porn of you from the fall

it’s last call

and you’re the last one leaving

and you thought you could change the world

by opening your legs

well it isn’t very hard

try kicking them instead

and you thought you could change his mind

by changing your perfume to the kind his mother wore

o god delilah why?

i never met a more impossible girl….

in this same bar where you slammed down your hand

and said “Amanda, i’m in love”

no you’re not

you’re just a sucker for the ones who use you

and it doesn’t matter what i say or do

the stupid bastard’s gonna have his way with you…

you’re an unrescuable schizo

or else you’re on the rag

if you take him back

i’m gonna lose my nerve

i never met a more impossible girl….

i never met a more impossible girl….

at four o’clock he got off

and you called up

“i’m down at denny’s on route one

and you won’t guess what he’s done”

is that a fact delilah?

larry tap let you in through the back

and use his calling card again

for a quick hand of gin

you are impossible, delilah: the princess of denial

and after 7 years in advertising you are none the wiser

you’re an unrescuable schizo

or else you’re on the rag

cause if you take him back

i’m gonna lose my nerve

he’s gonna beat you like a pillow

you schizos never learn

and if you take him home

you’ll get what you deserve

so don’t cry delilah

you’re still alive delilah

you need a ride delilah?

let’s see how fast this thing can go…..


ich weiß, dass amanda palmer irgendwie eine voll tolle person ist und alle dresden dolls super finden. musikalisch finde ich die auch echt richtig gut. ich würde allerdings gern mal über ihre texte reden. wer noch?